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Cambridge Farm Retail Outlet

the challenge Our client’s farm specialises in slow grown Longhorn Beef. He identified that it is far more commercially viable to sell his product directly to the public. The challenge for our client following a grid connection offer of £162,000 with a 12-18-month timescale meant his Farm Shop project was finished before it started. The site itself is in a rural area with no electricity connection. The shop design was very energy efficient with modern freezers, fridges and LED lighting keeping the load to around 45amps peak single phase. The shop itself is to open Monday to Friday approximately 8-5 daily. Not occupied between 5pm Friday evening to 7.30am Monday morning. the solution 18 Kva Single phase diesel generator with noise attenuation and a built-in bypass function. 48v, 10,000VA dual input inverter with a built-in 100amp battery charger 5 banks … Continue reading

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H&M Covent Garden

the challenge Our client has a flagship facility in central London and occupies a strong position in the very highly competitive retail clothing sector. Increased building and upgrade work in the area meant that power supply and quality had deteriorated. The shop design was very energy efficient with modern equipment and LED lighting keeping the loads to a manageable level. The shop itself is to open seven days per week. the solution 65 Kva 3 phase modular Uninterruptible Power Supply and a built-in bypass function to allow for maintenance. N+1 modular solution to keep absolute certainty of supply. Lead acid battery to give a full one-hour standby at full load to allow any backup generators to be engaged. System control. Battery rack. Cables and accessories. Installation and commissioning.

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Metropolitan Council

Alpha House has completed a large Central battery Unit (CBU) battery replacement for one of the UK’s largest metropolitan councils. The metropolitan council were informed of the potential failure of their existing CBU battery during an Alpha House preventative maintenance visit. During all preventative maintenance visits Alpha House conducts open circuit voltage and battery impedance tests using a Hioki meter, this will enable the engineer to clarify the quality of the existing battery system. The councils CBU battery was showing signs of premature failure due to the ambient temperature of the room being in excess of 30 degrees centigrade for extended periods of time. Alpha house recommended the replacement of the 10 x 20 x 200ah batteries along with the installation of an air conditioning unit with a suitable BTU rating for the room size in order to avoid premature … Continue reading

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Private Residence

the challenge Our clients were high net worth individuals with a substantial property based in the heart of the New Forest The challenge for our client was that the location of the property was on the furthest extremity of the grid making the power supply unreliable at best. No grid upgrade work was planned or economically viable for one residence. Extremely high energy usage at 90 amps per phase. Critical loads in high-value items within the house such as wine cellar and various collectables within the property. No interest or desire to have solar panels or generators on site. the solution 60KVA UPS with a built-in 100 AMP battery charger 2x40x100AH battery offering 7 hours of battery autonomy Bespoke battery stand Cables and accessories Installation and commissioning Generator hook up option for prolong grid outages was installed

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