Metropolitan Council

Alpha House has completed a large Central battery Unit (CBU) battery replacement for one of the UK’s largest metropolitan councils.

The metropolitan council were informed of the potential failure of their existing CBU battery during an Alpha House preventative maintenance visit. During all preventative maintenance visits Alpha House conducts open circuit voltage and battery impedance tests using a Hioki meter, this will enable the engineer to clarify the quality of the existing battery system.

The councils CBU battery was showing signs of premature failure due to the ambient temperature of the room being in excess of 30 degrees centigrade for extended periods of time. Alpha house recommended the replacement of the 10 x 20 x 200ah batteries along with the installation of an air conditioning unit with a suitable BTU rating for the room size in order to avoid premature failure for their new system.

Paul Marks Alpha House Sales Manager commented “The Metropolitan Council were alarmed to find that should there be a power failure it was likely their CBU would fail and leave their offices in total darkness. They have in excess of 150 staff on site and safety is of paramount importance, if it was not for Alpha House engineering recommendations the consequences could have been disastrous”