Cambridge Farm Retail Outlet

the challenge

  • Our client’s farm specialises in slow grown Longhorn Beef. He identified that it is far more commercially viable to sell his product directly to the public.
  • The challenge for our client following a grid connection offer of £162,000 with a 12-18-month timescale meant his Farm Shop project was finished before it started.
  • The site itself is in a rural area with no electricity connection.
  • The shop design was very energy efficient with modern freezers, fridges and LED lighting keeping the load to around 45amps peak single phase.
  • The shop itself is to open Monday to Friday approximately 8-5 daily.
  • Not occupied between 5pm Friday evening to 7.30am Monday morning.

the solution

  • 18 Kva Single phase diesel generator with noise attenuation and a built-in bypass function.
  • 48v, 10,000VA dual input inverter with a built-in 100amp battery charger
  • 5 banks in parallel of 4 x 12v 150ah LEAD ACID AGM batteries ( C10 750ah total).
  • Battery rack
  • Cables and accessories
  • Installation and commissioning
  • At the point of design Solar PV was not an option and small Wind turbines had proved unreliable but being considered on the next phase with a substantially larger battery.