reliable power at critical times

Where constant power is critical, we provide a high rate uninterrupted power supply you can count on. With our extensive range of high quality, fully rechargeable batteries, we provide customers with a reliable battery solution which works seamlessly with any UPS application, when you need it most.

If you’re running a highly secure application and can’t afford to lose power for even a second, whether it’s transferring data, running critical machinery or customer service, you need to be sure your business continues to run smoothly, efficiently and remains totally unaffected by a break in power.

Alpha House integrated battery solutions sense when the mains supply is fading and switches seamlessly to battery power, providing a clean, stable and secure power supply, eliminating any peaks and troughs, whether it’s running at a high or standard rate.

UPS systems only perform as reliably as the battery in place which is why we only source the highest quality batteries from the best manufacturers worldwide, giving customers the benefit of reliable and constant accessibility from our well-established partnerships.

our ups batteries

the alpha house experience

Alpha House provides customers with a battery solution they can count on. With an impressive range of high-quality batteries, supported by a friendly team of battery experts on hand to advise and assist, we design bespoke integrated solutions, provide after sales care and ongoing support for customer’s battery requirements.

We’re proud to have the battery expertise to apply intelligent thinking to your power requirement, making sure customers get exactly the batteries they require when they need them. With Alpha House, you get an excellent battery solution, every time.


  • A comprehensive range of high-quality batteries
  • Competitive and steady pricing, NO constant price changes to reflect the fluctuating market
  • Easy access to battery advice – every customer assigned a dedicated sales manager
  • Our battery experts design tailor-made integrated battery solutions to suit your application, load and location
  • Reliable UK based stock control, so customers can order quickly and confidently
  • Fully recyclable products because we are passionate about the future
  • Well established links with high quality, trusted manufacturing partners
  • Battery expertise and knowledge built up over 35 years.

alpha house ups solutions

UPS Battery Power

  • Valve-regulated lead-acid battery
  • UPS and reserve power applications
  • EUROBAT design life definition: Long Life 10 – 12 years
  • Extremely long float life performance
  • Superior cycling endurance
  • Compact design with high energy density
  • Low installation cost, maintenance-free product
  • Sealed for leak-proof operation
  • Delivered ready for use
  • Non-hazardous cargo for ground, sea and air transport
  • Fully recyclable product

Our customers say…

“We have used Alpha House on a number of key projects for Bluechip clients throughout the UK.  They have excellent UK stock holdings and offer superb customer service”

Andy Williams Managing Director, Excel Power

Simply ask your Sales Manager for available stock, battery details, technical specifications or to arrange an appointment for a FREE no-obligation quote.