reliable power for all networks

We appreciate that continuous, reliable power is key to supporting UK wide mobile and fixed telecommunications networks.  Whilst your customers expect continuous access to their networks, you need to be sure you can supply it.

That’s why here at Alpha House, we source and supply a reliable, space-saving and cost-effective battery solution, specifically designed by in-house battery experts to match your load, application and environment.

Wherever you and your customers are in the UK, you no longer need to be at the mercy of unreliable power supply for mobile, wired, transmission or integrated power applications.

With the ever-increasing demand for constant connectivity, we provide customers with access to a diverse and competitively priced range of flexible battery power, whether it’s powering the network from cabinets at the exchange or from a remote roadside substation.

Our batteries are fully recyclable, require no ongoing maintenance and supply 10 years’ worth of independent power supply.

For a FREE no obligation quotation, simply contact your dedicated sales manager and our battery experts will supply a rechargeable, integrated battery solution to suit your network.

our telecommunication batteries

the alpha house experience

Alpha House provides battery solutions you can count on, stocking an impressive range of high-quality batteries, supported by a friendly team of battery experts on hand to advise and assist whatever your power needs.  Our bespoke, integrated solutions come with excellent after sales care and ongoing support for your battery-powered systems, delivering what you need, when you need it – every time.

our promise

  • 35 years battery expertise
  • High quality, maintenance free batteries
  • Competitive pricing – NO constant price revision
  • Accessible battery advice, every customer assigned a dedicated account manager
  • Tailor-made integrated battery solutions
  • Reliable UK based, stock control – customers can order quickly and confidently
  • Fully recyclable products
  • Well established partnerships with high quality manufacturers

telecommunication networks


  • EUROBAT specification Long Life 10+ years
  • Front connections and terminal access
  • Extremely high float life performance
  • Low self-discharge rates
  • Low internal resistance
  • Wide range of operating temperature, from -20°C to +55°C
  • Compact design with high energy density
  • ETSI/19”/23” rack integration
  • One-way valve regulated system with flame-arrestor
  • Internal gas recombination efficiency 98% – 99%
  • Low installation cost, maintenance-free product
  • Delivered ready for use
  • Shock resistant, flame retardant ABS container and lid
  • Sealed for leak-free operation, “inline” automatic tested
  • Non-hazardous cargo for ground, sea and air transport
  • Fully recyclable product
  • Batteries are fully compliant with:
    IEC 60 896 – 21/22, EN 60 896 – part 2, BS 6290 – part 4

Our customers say…

“Our client needs a reliable power source in order to guarantee continuity to their call centre. We use Alpha House as their supply and service in second to none in the standby power industry”

Gary Hammond MD,
Enhanced Power Services

Simply ask your Sales Manager for available stock, battery details, technical specifications or to arrange an appointment for a FREE no-obligation quote.