Southern Police Authority; Charged and Ready to Go

Alpha House has supplied a UPS and Battery Solution to protect 30 electric car charging bays at a Southern Police Authority.  The Police authority is the first non-metropolitan force to make the switch to EV’s in a bid to cut emissions and save more than £450,000 over a three year period.  The police staff will now have use of the BMW i3 fleet of vehicles capable of 120 miles from one charge and another 60 miles from a small reserve petrol tank.  It was imperative that the force has a reliable back up resource for the 30 charging points as without power the police authority could potentially immobilise its fleet of vehicles.

The UPS installed was a 200Kva modular system with 2 strings of 40 x Alpha House 100Ah batteries, with the inbuilt modularity of the UPS and battery the force could guarantee uptime whilst still having the option of carrying out maintenance without the need to totally bypass the UPS system onto raw mains.