Alpha House Signs New European Design and Manufacture Agreement

Alpha House is pleased to announce they have signed a new agreement to licence the design and manufacture of a European origin VRLA and Lithium battery.  The batteries will cover a multitude of applications including telecommunications, UPS and Data Centre markets.

Meryl Armitage group Managing Director of Alpha House commented “Alpha House had identified for some time the need for a true European manufactured battery range after a number of our blue chip clients have requested such a solution in order to standardise their power protection solutions on a global basis.  As a result of an extensive R&D process and some advanced MTBF testing we have signed a 4 year agreement to supply 48V DC telecommunications solutions to a  large telecoms operator for a particularly sensitive application where ambient temperatures can vary enormously.  The UPS range of batteries will be aimed at the data centre markets where we have experienced huge growth in the last two years.  We feel the European manufactured product will enable Alpha House to grow its international business into the Middle Eastern markets and beyond where a traditional Asian Product does not always meet customers expectations”.