Bank Continues Trading During UPS Battery Replacement

The Alpha House team were thrilled to deliver a turnkey UPS battery replacement for a global bank in the heart of London’s financial district.  With minimum disruption, the installation was completed without switching the uninterrupted power supply to mains via the maintenance bypass switch.

It was imperative to the client that some of the 4 x 32 x 100ah batteries remained online throughout the battery replacement, to allow their trading floor to continue without the risk of shutdown.  Prior to installation, our team carried out an in-depth site survey, to address and plan for every eventuality with regard to client’s critical load.

For minimum disruption, Alpha House took 64 x 100ah batteries to the bank’s London HQ, via a specialist distribution company over two weekends.  Unloading and delivering the batteries to their computer room on the third floor.  Once the new batteries were in position by the UPS, two strings of the 4 x 32 x 100ah batteries were isolated and decommissioned.  We then populated the old Open rack space with the 64 new batteries and the two battery strings were connected online.

Careful battery removal is as important as the installation.  Once installed, we set to work transporting the old UPS batteries from the computer room to the specialist distribution vehicle, removing them from site and disposing the battery in accordance with the UK Environment Agency recycling policy.  Our client was then presented with the relevant documentation as a record of its safe disposal.

As Steve Hosmer, Alpha House Technical Director explained, “With customer’s time constraints, it’s essential we have the expertise to meet their needs and the flexibility to deliver a bespoke battery replacement.  As responsible battery suppliers we’re proud to demonstrate the capability to remove and dispose of batteries safely and in accordance with the battery compliance scheme.”