12 hours from order to installation

Battery Hotline saves the day at Royal United Hospital Bath

Alpha House received an emergency call on its 24 hour battery hotline from a customer frantically trying to source 20 x 50Ah batteries for a system failure backing up an incredibly critical load. 

The UPS battery system had failed while protecting an operating theatre at Royal United Hospital Bath, a replacement battery and installation engineer were required within 12 hours in order to avoid the hospital having to cancel much needed operations the next day and until further notice.  Alpha House were called at 6.30 PM and the batteries were delivered to Adept Power Solutions within 2 hours which enabled their engineer to drive straight to the site and complete the battery installation and restore power in time for the following days operations. 

Colin Smith DC specialist for Adept Power Solutions commented

“Yet again Alpha House’s unique 24 hour battery service shows their commitment to customer service and their ability to outperform any other battery manufacturer in Europe with regard to product stocks and availability.” 

“Alpha House are now our number one choice for batteries”