Total Height: 222mm (8.74inches)
Height: 222mm (8.74inches)
Length: 350mm (13.77inches)
Width: 440mm (17.32inches)

SCIFP48100(5U) (48V 100AH)

Nominal Voltage: 48V

Rated capacity: 100Ah

Weight Approx: 43.8kg (96.56lbs)

Certification: IEC 60950, UN 38.3, IEC 62321, UL 1642, IEC 62133, UL 1973, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

Applications: Off Grid Storage, Telecoms, UPS

Wholesale Battery Suppliers

The SCIFP range of lithium-ion batteries is engineered to provide dependable, high-performance backup power for both indoor and outdoor telecommunications sites. Additionally, it serves as an ideal solution for stand-alone and hybrid energy storage systems.

The prismatic LiPO (LiFePO4) technology utilised in our cells ensures suitability for all types of environments and applications, whether in floating or cyclical use.

• Modular Design for Easy Installation: The SCIFP range’s modular design allows for quick and easy parallel installation, meeting the demand for redundant backup power or high-power requirements.
• Space and Weight Efficiency: This range’s compact, modular design conserves space and weight while delivering more power than conventional technologies, thanks to its higher energy density.
• Wide Operating Temperature Range: Capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 55°C, the SCIFP batteries are suitable for various environmental conditions.
• High Cycling Capacity and Longevity: With a high cycling capacity and a life expectancy of over 15 years, the SCIFP range is a highly reliable and versatile solution for energy storage and backup power.